City Semester Philadelphia

Live and Play in Philadelphia

Where Will Students Live?

Below is a list of some potential housing options for your semester in Philadelphia.  This is not a comprehensive list and you are not required to use any of these options.

Note: The Pennsylvania State University makes no representation whatsoever regarding the housing options listed below.  Students are responsible to inspect the property and negotiate lease terms with any landlord.  The Pennsylvania State University has not inspected or investigated these listings or landlords in any way and is not endorsing any specific properties or landlords for students by this listing.  The Pennsylvania State University disclaims any responsibility, among other things, for the condition of any premises, terms of any leases, treatment by any landlord, or compliance with any applicable local zoning ordinances.

  • The Edge Student Village –
  • Several local Universities are interested in housing students with their extra rooms, such as Saint Joes University and Jefferson University. Email if you are looking to get connected.

How to sublet your Penn State Apartment

If your lease expressly permits subletting or assignment, you are legally free to substitute another tenant for yourself. The same is true if there is nothing expressed in your lease against subletting.

Intro to Philadelphia

Transportation in the City

  • SEPTA Transportationvarious modes of transportation with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.

Discipline Specific Blogs and Websites

  • Philadelphia Works – is a hub for career exploration that connects you to the hiring and workforce.
  • Generocity is a resource about local social impact and careers in the non-profit sector.
  • Philly grows local technology communities by connecting organizations and people through news, events and services.
  • PhillyCulture details the best arts, culture, and community
  • Sustainable Business Network supports the business community to build profitable enterprises that serve community needs, share wealth, and protect the environment.
  • PlanPhilly engages and educates citizens on the value of a well-designed city

Student Health Insurance

Insurance requirement for students taking courses off campus is the same as students taking courses on campus.

Domestic students (US citizens or permanent residents) can use their parents’ insurance or insurance purchased through Penn State. They will not be required to have insurance.

International students who are registered for classes as undergrad, will be required to have Penn State insurance or show comparable proof of insurance.

Penn State current insurance carrier is Aetna Student Health. There is currently an RFP out to choose next year’s carrier, and we will know more by early February.